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Download Omniconvert


How does it works?

Omniconvert is a free software that will allow you to easily convert the ps2 cheats from a format to another. To explain how it works, we will take an example of conversion from action replay MAX to hexadecimal, which is the only cheat format supported by pcsx2 to date.

Action replay max is a very popular cheat format on the web, with the Codebreaker format. So it is much easier to find ARMax codes than hexadecimal codes. Some websites like codejunkies will allow you to easily find ARMAX cheats.


For the example, we will use the "infinite ammo" cheat on the game "Black" (SLES_538.86), which is, in my opinion, the best FPS released on ps2.
The action replay max code is:


In Omniconvert, we have three main things to do: First choose the input format, then choose the output format and then start the conversion.

To choose the input format go to "input" in the menu bar, and choose your format (in our case input> action replay> max). Similar procedure for output format: go to "output" and choose the output format (in our case output> unencrypted> standard).
Once you have done this, enter your code (s) in the text box on the left, and click "convert" at the bottom left. The code in a new format is displayed in the text on the right. All you have to do now is copy the new cheat, and add it to UPC.

screen de omniconvert