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Frequently asked questions



Why UPC ?

In April 2016, it's been a long time since I participated in a topic on pcsx2 cheats on an emulation forum. I then realize the difficulty of beginners for this file format. In parallel, I am studying computer science and I decide to combine the two domains, and I create then UPCSX2C, name considered too long and too complicated, and which will come later UPC. From the program of 2016 to the current, several features have been added, thanks to your suggestions. Thank you all.

What future for UPC?

If I can afford a goal for UPC, it would be first, a bigger list of games. Given the incredible number of ps2 games, and all their variations (US, EU, Jap etc versions), it has been very difficult for me to manage a project of this size alone, hence the presence of functionalities allowing you to participate in the evolution of the program. In addition, like any creator, I wish to see my "Work" used by the greatest number. :)


Can I directly import .pnach to UPC?

NO. Why? For the simple reason that .pnach do not follow particular standards. Each file is written differently according to the creator: some comment on 2 lines, some on one, some comment on cheats to disable them, others use elements like comment or gametitle. In short, there is no particular model for .pnach that would read them all.

Where are the important files used by UPC?

It all depends on the version of UPC you have. For versions earlier than 18.01, the files are in the program folder as well as in the My Documents directory. These versions are obsolete. And I highly recommend an update.
For versions 18.01 and up, all the files in the UPC folder to make it easier to find them:

Config folder:
The config folder contains the configuration files. If these files are deleted, they are re-created with default values
Options.ini: Contains the data of your configuration, such as the display language, or the destination path.
Resolutions.ini: Contains the resolutions of the main windows of the program.

The .dll are important files for UPC, without them it would not work, they are in the upc folder, as well as in the dll and platforms subfolders.

Contains the language files of the program. Do not delete them

Licences and change.log
Licences contains the general conditions of use and change.log contains information about updates.

This is the program database. It contains your games and cheats. If you delete it, a blank database is created.


I have errors when adding, removing, or editing games or cheats

In general, these program errors are explained in the dialogs. They are usually due to the data entered in the forms. You may also encounter errors if you add a game that already has CRC present, or if you modify a game, giving it the CRC of another game, which is also present.
If the problem persists, contact me via the program bug report form.

I have errors when importing or exporting .upc files

This may be a version error. .upc files prior to version 18.01 are not compatible with .upc versions 18.01 and higher. Compatible .upc files are available in the downloads section.

I have incoherent texts or "null"

In case of incoherent texts, the language files you have do not match your upc version.
In case of "null" texts, the language files have been deleted, or the language in the options.ini file is incorrect.
Note: Language files are available here

I have network errors during uploads

These errors are either due to connectivity issues on your side or to server maintenance. In this last case, you will be informed on twitter.